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Reconfigure your site for SEO

Reconfigure your site for SEO

It is not only important that your website receives traffic, but that it receives the right traffic.

Increase visitors to your website with SEO

We can optimise your sites existing code to produce better results from search engines and increase your traffic!

We will run a SEO diagnostic to determine how to best improve your website's performance. We will also cross reference your existing website's content against popular keywords and search terms and modify it accordingly.

It is not only important that your website receives traffic, but that it receives the right traffic - those that are interested in your products. Our aim is to not only increase traffic to your site, but to also decrease your sites bounce rate (the percentage of visitors who reach your site, but leave immediatly).

Finally, we will provide you a list of sites for you to build links from. Building links increases your site's popularity and will help it rise in search results.

We can also alter your sites content and code to improve load times and cross browser capabilities as well as making it mobile and tablet friendly.

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What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. In a nutshell, SEO encompasses a variety of techniques that help a website recieve more visitors.

This is primarly done by making the website more easily categorised by search engines. Search engines, such as Google, Bing and Yahoo use automated programs (aka robots) called 'Crawlers' or 'Spiders' to crawl through the internet, website by website, categorising them and storing information about what each website displays and is intended to do. SEO can help by organising code and content in such a way that these crawlers categorise your website correctly and store the correct information for future reference.

But SEO is not only about building websites for machines. A good part of SEO is modelling a site to engage a visitor and keep them interested.

It is important that a website loads quickly, has its information in an easy to locate and read format and contains information that the visitor is actually looking for.