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New Website Design and Development

New Website Design and Development

Websites are first impressions. Make yours count!

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We will create your online presence. Each website we make comes with a unique, individualised design featuring what is important to you, email accounts, and an editable, secure admin end, allowing you to update your site's content as you need. We will offer training to show you how to do basic editing within your website.

We will arrange the domain name, hosting and code your website for SEO then submit it to search engines. 

Build a new website

In addition to this, we can offer:

  • Business Tools (Searchable product lists, booking systems, surveys etc..)
  • Monthly Market Search Reports - Click here to learn more.
  • Chat Widgets - Allows your customer to talk directly to you via an instant message (we have one on the bottom right of our website).
  • Data Visualisation and Presentation - This will show tables and graphs from a database on your website and shall update automatically.
  • Database Integration

After completing your website, expect an increase in sales/visitors, product clarity, user satisfaction as well as an increase in valuable market information.

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Our Development Process

Step 1: Client Meeting

Website development process step 1
We meet with the client, either face-to-face or via Skype, and find out their exact needs and requirements.

Step 2: Visual Mock-ups & Wire Frames

Website development process step 2
We create several mock-ups of how the website will appear. These mock ups are market tested for their appeal and ease of use with a random audience.

Step 3: Coding

Website development process step 3
Once a design is chosen and confirmed we begin coding. The design is transformed from a flat image to an interactive and versatile website.

Step 4: Testing

Website development process step 4
Upon completion of coding, we will test the website thoroughly, ensuring no stone is unturned.

Step 5: Launch!

Website development process step 5
The site is released into the wild! The site is set to active and we submit the domain name to Google, Bing and Yahoo.

We specialise in building websites with ModX and WordPress

We use ModX for new websites   
We use WordPress for new websites

Content Management Systems (CMS) allow you to easily manage your sites content.

CMS sites allow you to simply login via a secure, password protected administration end to add new text, images or pages on the fly. Perfect for writing about new products, specials, news or blog pieces. 

You can learn more about Content Management Systems here.