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eCommerce Websites

eCommerce Websites

Monetise your website with an online store

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Sell online with an ecommerce website. Our websites that we design are customised to the business culture and are secured through an SSL certificate and a PayPal, Stripe or BrainTree payment gateway (Credit Card, PayPal). We will bring your product to the world.

The business will have access to email accounts and an editable secure admin end. From the admin end you will be able to change your websites basic content (catalogues and pictures). We will provide training. 

We will arrange the domain name, hosting, payment gateway, SSL certificate and code your website for SEO (with a submission to major search engines). 

In addition, we offer for your E-commerce site:

  • Business Tools (Searchable product list, booking system etc..)
  • Monthly Market Search Reports**
  • Mobile Versions
  • Chat Widgets

We expect that your business will have a reduced bounce rate by increasing product clarity and user satisfaction. This will increase your sales/visitor rate and give you a return on investment.

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**An example of a monthly market search report

John sells statues and has recently started selling online. Jane and 100+ others are looking through various websites for Frog statues.  They find John selling his statues through this. Jane buys John’s Frog statue. John receives his monthly report and realises that his website received 1000 views from which 250 of them were from Google searches regarding Frog statues. John now armed with this information invests more in buying various Frog statues and places them in his website catalogue.

We specialise in Magento and ModX SimpleCart Online Stores

We use Magento for new online store websites
ModX SimpleCart e-commerce

Magento and ModX Simplecart make it incredibly easy to add, edit and alter products you sell online as well as track your sales, shipping and stock counts.