Why make your website bilingual or even multilingual

In the age of Google Translate you may ask why you want to create your website or blog post in a different language. The problem is, Google Translate isn't a Babel Fish, it is a machine and although AI has come a long way, it still can get it wrong.

There are two issues that surround my reasoning as to hire a translator and correctly implement the translated text into your website.

The first issue is with Grammar and Context. These are the two that Google Translate gets wrong a lot of the time.

The second issue is if you have a full page in a different language, you can then start to market that page in SEO or Content Marketing Strategies for that target language. You can pass it through different channels. For example, China uses WeChat, Baidu and Weibo and a post to them in English would stick out like a sore thumb and be largely ignored.

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