What you need, as a business, to help setup an ECommerce website

What we, as website developers, need from the client when setting up an ECommerce website.

When creating an ecomerce websites, there is information about e-commerce items/products that a store owner needs to provide their website developer to enable this process to proceed smoothly and quickly.

Below are two templates that will assist you to provide the information about your products that is required by the website developer.

ECommerce Template - PDF- Single Product
ECommerce Template - Excel- Multiple Products

These templates encompass the following:

  • A list of products - Each PDF is its own product
  • Product codes associated to each product
  • Product prices
  • Product descriptions
  • Product introduction text (this is usually a snippet from the product description)
  • Product size dimensions - Width, Height & Length as seen in the diagram below:Product Dimensions

This enables the mailing API to determine postage cost. If the item comes in a box use the dimensions of the box

  • Product weights - Again this is for the mailing API
  • Identify the image you want displayed as the main image and the image in the catalogue
  • Number of catalogues with names and associations to each product.

Please note that website developers also require all photos as well as the items loaded into the spreadsheet or the PDF.


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