What are Cordova iPhone and iPad applications?

Cordova is a framework of APIs that allows you to package code used usually for websites into a downloadable, independent smart phone app.???

Apache Cordova, also known as PhoneGap, lets you access a smart phones hardware - camera, GPS, accelerometer, etc - from within a web based app you download and install as normal from the Apple App Store or Android Marketplace. The primary advantage of building an app with Cordova is its cost effectiveness - it is easier and quicker to build with web based technologies (HTML5, CSS3, JSON, JavaScript and JQuery for example) then a smart phones suppliers own form of code.???

Because Cordova apps use these web based technologies, it is often easier again to link these apps directly to your websites database. When a websites information is updated, so too is the apps. This being said, because the app is its own individual program, you do not need an internet connection to use it as you would a website.

Some examples of Apps built with Cordova

Apache Cordova Logo

See more examples on PhoneGap.com's App showcase page.

What you can do with a Cordova App

  • Access the phones own hardware - camera, GPS, accelerometer, internet connection, etc
  • Make use of the phones native features, such as the image gallery and push notifications
  • Downloads straight from the Apple App Store or Android Marketplace
  • Connects straight to your existing website to sync data and information
  • Style exactly how you need, reflecting your branding!

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