What are Content Management Systems?

Content Management Systems, or simply CMSs, are web applications that make it a lot easier to manage the content on your website.

Content Management Systems allow you to login via a secure, password protected 'manager' or 'administration' back end of your website and ???easily allow you to add new pages, ???update existing ones and create new blog posts amongst a host of other things. The advantage here is that a website owner need not contact their web developer if they want to change or update a web page. This is especially handy for stores that have online image galleries or catalogues and need to update their product range regularly.

Wordpress - a content management system evolved from blogging

The majority modern websites now days use a form of CMS to manage their content and information.

Most CMSs evolved from blogging tools. WordPress is a good example of this. WordPress has grown from a simple online blogging tool to a fully fledged and hugely popular Content Management System with many options and a variety of additional plugins.

ModX - A dedicated CMS built from the ground

ModX Revolution is another CMS, very similar to Wordpress. However, unlike WordPress, ModX was not derived from a blogging tool and was built from the ground up to manage larger, more complex websites. Because of this, we recommend ModX for most of our clients.

At Radian, we are able to work with many CMSs, including WordPress, ModX, Joomla and Magento. If you would like to know more about Content Management Systems and how you can benefit from them please don't hesitate to contact us on???07 3102 3149 or visit our contact page.


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