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The Problem with

The Problem with "Template" Websites

A quick look at "template" websites.



  • A design someone else has

  • Limited customisation

  • Some use of Flash which will not work on iPhones nor allow for good SEO ranking.

  • Lack of mobile optimisation

  • Lack of support if something goes wrong.

  • Use of outdated technology


"Custom" sites in comparison to "template" websites:

  • Better SEO

  • Adaptable to business needs

  • Scalability - Upgrade your website to an ecommerce site.

  • Ability to easily maintain the website through a Content Management System (CMS)

  • Copyright material (pictures) obtained


Web Page Mistakes

Our own thoughts


At Radian Web, we create websites, we do not use templates. Check out our website page for more info.

By: Rob - 17/2/2014