The Importance of Blog Writing

The Importance of Blog Writing

Ever since the dawning of the internet, blogs have played an integral part of the online world. And now, with the world becoming ever more technologically-based, the importance of blog writing, or blogging has become ever more important. Why is this so To explain the importance of blog writing we must first understand the purpose of blogs.

What is the purpose of a blog?

Originally, blogs were written as personal diaries or stories or articles concerning particular topics. Now, blogs are utilised by businesses and individuals alike, providing frequent updates on their businesses. These can range from How-tos and advertising of a particular service, product or promotion, to giving some insight on the inner-workings of their business.

How does a blog help a business or individual

A blog brings a business or individual onto the massive online platform. With frequent blogging, a business or individual can become quite pronounced in the digital world. But be it business or personal, the reason still remains the same; people write and post blogs for attention.

They want people to read and follow their blogs. Businesses want more customers and for their services or stock to sell. They can only do this online if their blog is effective. If a blog isnt good, people wont read it. This is why businesses go to great lengths to make sure their online presence is known. People will go so far as hiring a professional to write and manage their blogs for them. But that is another topic in itself.

What makes a blog effective?

Three things. Content. Quality. And Purpose.

In order to get the followers and customers, the content of the blog must be interesting and of quality. You wont get many followers by typing a pile of incoherent nonsense and posting that frequently. Why The blog posts dont have a reason. They dont have an intention behind their writing. If you havent got a reason behind why youre writing nor have an intention for writing, there is no point in putting words to paper. People are more likely to read something that sparks their interest and only a well-written, easy-to-follow text will draw their curiosity. But they will only do this if they feel the content has purpose.

But writing a single spectacular blog wont be enough. In order for a blog to be effective, there must be frequent posts. This doesnt mean there must be daily posts, many blogs post weekly, fortnightly, and even monthly, although the latter is quite rare. In order to maintain peoples interest and gain new followers or customers you must post frequently. But you must never compromise the quality of each blog. If you have the time and can pump out a quality blog every day then by all means, go ahead and do so, but people are willing to wait the extra couple of days (or week) for that next post if they know the content will be good. So long as there are frequent posts (be it daily, weekly, or fortnightly), a blog will continue to be effective. But this all amounts to nothing if people cant find your blog online.

Search Engine Optimisation: how and why does it work?

So your blog is effective in its quality content and reasoning but what about search engine rankings In order for a blog to become popular, it must have a high ranking in search engines. When people search for something online, they usually click on the first link at the top of the page. That is the highest ranking webpage of that particular search. Thats where you want your blog to be. Youd want your blog to be the first they click on.

You see, search engines such as Google filter websites through a series of algorithms. This is called Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). It would take another blog entirely to thoroughly explain what SEO is and its function, but in a nutshell, SEO is what search engines use to determine how relevant a particular website is to what a person searches for. One of the ways it does this by examining certain phrases and words. This examination is called keyword density.

In order to make a blog have a high search engine rating, you must utilise keyword density. All this means is simply to emphasise the key elements of your blog. This is done through repetition of words or groups of words. When writing with SEO and keyword density in mind, it helps to have sub-heading and a clear, defining title to attract the attention of search engine algorithms.

But what is the point of all this extra work Statistics of various websites (both personal and business), have shown that those who utilise the use of blogging have a higher search engine ranking than those who dont. This is all simply because of the use of repetition and emphasis on the key elements of each blog.

Google also like to see websites as active and being taken care of. This is another reason why blogs are important, as this shows to the world that the website is being looked after an good quality material is being produced.

In Conclusion

Blogging or blog writing is important as it plays an integral part in the online impression of a business or individual. Blogs draw the interest of potential followers for individuals and potential customers for businesses. But blogs can only do this if they are effective.

In order for a blog to be effective, it must have a purpose or a reason behind the blog. The content must be good and interesting and be written in a comprehendible and quality manner. Also, the blogs must be posted frequently, be it daily, weekly, or fortnightly to maintain the interest of current followers, customers and the potential to bring in new ones. But remember, the frequency of the blogs must not compromise the quality of the blog post itself. However, this all amounts to nothing if Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) isnt taken into consideration. But that roadblock can easily be overcome through the use of repetition of keywords and phrases, and emphasis on the key elements of the blog. If all this is taken into consideration, youll be sure to gain a higher search engine ranking.

So go, start blogging.


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