The Importance of an SSL Certificate


What is an SSL certificate?

An SSL certificate is a paid service that encrypts information that is passed from the users computer to the server.
The certificate holds a variety of information about the website including the name of the holder, a serial number and the name of the Certification Authority. (,) .
All this information allows the website to be considered trustworthy.

Importance of SSL certificates
It is important to have an SSL certificate on websites that are moving money.
This significantly lowers the ability for hackers to steal credit card information or log in to your account. Most SSL certifiers have a warranty in the highly unlikely event that your site is hacked.

How to Identify whether the website is SSL certified.
An SSL Certificate can be seen at the beginning of a website address with a padlock and a https url
(eg:???)???. By clicking on the lock you can obtain the security information and how strong the encryption is; usually the higher the bit security the better.


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