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The Free Stock Photo Websites List

The Free Stock Photo Websites List

Please be aware that some images which have no up-front cost could require royalties. Always read the License information.

Some sites also have paid images mixed into the free ones.

Pexels Aggregate for other sites
Jeshoots Site may need translating from Czech
Life of Pix
Jay Mantri
Little Visuals
Pixabay Aggregates images from other sites. Some paid images appear in search results.
Snapwire Snaps
Lock & Stock Photos
Free Refe Real Life Photos
New Old Stock Vintage photos that have entered the public domain
Death to the Stock Photo Sign up with email address. Images emailed to your account.
Superfamous Photographers credit/attribution required to use images
IM Creator - Free Free resource section of IM Creator site
Magdeleine Some images require photographer's attribution
FindA.Photo Aggregate search of many of the above
Freeimages (formally SXC) Free, email activated account required for image download.
Flickr Special search parameters required to find Creative Commons licensed photos.
Bonus: Subtle Patterns Not stock photos, but useful free patterns for repeating backgrounds.
By: Adam - 11-04-2015