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Setting Up A Domain Name Email In Microsoft Outlook (Windows)

Setting Up A Domain Name Email In Microsoft Outlook (Windows)

This article takes references from "How To Access Your cPanel EMail Port Settings". Please be familiar with that article before you continue.

Setting Up Outlook 2013 (Windows):

In Outlook, click “File” at the top left of the window. This will bring a new window up.

In this new window you will be able to select “Add Account” below “Account Information”. File - Account Information


Once you have selected this, it will bring up a new window. In this window select “Manual Setup or additional server types” and click next.

Select "POP or IMAP" then proceed.

POP Account Settings


Fill in the information collected from the cPanel port settings. The example to the right is using the cPanel port settings collected from the blog "How to access your cPanel mail port settings":









Once the information is filled out click “More Settings”. This will bring up a new window. In the new window, select “Outgoing server” tab.

In the “Outgoing Server” tab, select the checkbox “My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication; with “Use same settings as my incoming mail server”. Then move onto the “Advanced tab”.


In this tab, change the “Server Port Numbers” to the numbers from the cPanel Port Information.

Using the cPanel port setings given previously, it should look like this:

More Settings





The tickbox for “This server requires an encrypted connection (SSL”) is ticked and the dropdown menu for “Use the following type of encrypted connection” is moved to "SSL".







Once this has been filled out, click OK and this will return you to the previous window.

Click next and it will run a test. If it all checks out, close the window and finish the Wizard.

Outlook will then populate your mail list.

If you have any troubles, please email me and I will attempt to help you further.


By: Rob - 01/12/2014