Setting Up A Domain Name Email In Microsoft Outlook (MAC)

This article takes references from "How To Access Your cPanel EMail Port Settings". Please be familiar with that article before you continue.

Setting up Outlook 2011 (MAC):

Open Outlook.
Once in Outlook, look for the Apple menu at the top of the screen (not window) select ?????Tools?????? (make sure the outlook window is selected). Once in this dropdown menu, select ?????Accounts??????. This will bring up a new window.

In the accounts window there will be a plus icon (Plus Drop Down) select this and in the drop down menu select ?????Other Email??????.


Type in the email address and password. You will notice that it automatically expanded the window.Account Info 1


Using the information gathered from the cPanel port settings you will be able to type in the correct information.

By default, the ?????Type?????? is set to ?????IMAP??????; you will have to change this to ?????POP??????.

An example using the port settings and an SSL security is given to the right. This data in this example has been taken from the blog "How to access your cPanel mail port settings".


Once the information is filled out, select ?????Add Account?????? at the bottom right of the window. This will return you to the ?????Accounts?????? window.



Your account details will be in the ?????Accounts?????? window. However, you will need to adjust the ?????Account Description?????? and ?????Full name??????. The recipients will receive your emails from the ?????Full name?????? you enter. in the example below, emails come from ?????Radian Web Support??????.

Further Settings


Mac saves automatically so the information you type will be saved. Close the window.

Your inbox will automatically start filling up with emails that have been sent to your account.

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