How to Setup Gmail to Use Your Domain Name Email Address

This blog post will show you how to setup Gmail to use your domain name email address. eg: can be used by Gmail

Required POP3 Information

You will need your websites POP3 incoming and outgoing hosting server information along with relevant ports, emails and passwords. You will also need your cPanel login details in order to check your email setup configuration.???

If you are a client with Radian Web this can be supplied to you, otherwise contact either your web developer or hosting service provider for the correct information.

For this example we will be setting up the address into gmail.

Some information has been removed to maintain security.

Accessing cPanel

cPanel is the name of the software used in website hosting that controls access to email accounts, databases and a variety of other options.

Most cPanel access is through typing in your websites address into the URL bar then adding '/cpanel'.???For example: ???If you are a Radian Web client this method will work.???Some web hosts do not allow this and require a login through their own system.

Once you have typed in this URL address, it will require you to log in with a username and password. Please seek either your website host or web developer for this information.

Once this information is entered it will take you to your cPanel.

Below is the most commonly used cPanel layout. For this example we will be restricting the number of items shown.



cPanel can be changed by your website service provider so it may differ than the one in the following example.


How to access your Port settings:

Select the Email Accounts icon in the mail section of the cPanel menu as highlighted below:

Cpanel Email Accounts


This will bring you into ???the ?????Email Accounts?????? page.
On this page you can make new email accounts or edit current existing ones. (These instructions will not enter into creating new email addresses). If you wish to create new email address, please contact Radian Web.

Go down to the email address you wish to set up with gmail and select the ?????more?????? button. This will drop down a menu. Select ?????Configure Email Client??????, as seen below:

Configure Email

Once selected it will take you to the required information for setting up a POP3 account.


cPanel port settings:

The below is the cpanel mailbox settings for an email address. We will be using Secure SSL/TLS settings.

Port Settings


Log into Gmail

Log in to your Gmail account.

Once logged in you will be able to see a cog (Gmail Cog) in the top right corner below your email address. Click this and it will drop down a menu; select ?????Settings?????? on this menu. This will load a new page.

On the new page select the tab heading ?????Accounts and Import??????. This can be seen in parallel with the red ?????compose?????? button as seen below.

Accounts and Settings

Once in???in this tab, there will be a variety of options.

The important ones you will need are ?????Send mail as:?????? and ?????Check mail from other accounts??????.

accounts and import



Checking mail from other accounts

First Step

Adjacent from the ?????Check mail from other accounts (using POP3)??????: is the link called ?????Add a POP3 mail account you own??????. Select this link and a popup window will appear. Please note that some popup blockers will prevent this from opening. Make sure you allow popups from gmail or temporarily disable your popup blocker.

This pop up window will ask you to enter the POP3 email address you will be using. For this example I have typed as the email to use.

Next Step

It will then ask for information regarding to the POP3 email address. We will be using the ?????Incoming Server?????? information along with the username from the cpanel information above. Use the POP3 port number rather than the SMTP port number.

An example of this is below:

Add a mail account you own

Make sure you are using the SSL ?????Incoming Server?????? information and the radio button selected for the setting is ?????Always use a secure connection when retrieving mail??????.
It is recommended that you do not leave a copy of the retrieved message on the server as over time this can block the email address on the server and subsequently stop mail from receiving. However, if you need back up and you do regularly go through the servers email then please select this option. In this example, the option to label incoming messages was chosen.


Next Step

The next window is the option to setup ?????send mail as??????.



Send Mail As


First Step

If you are following from the previous ?????Checking mail from other accounts?????? step???go to the asterisk in the third paragraph.

Alternatively, in the settings menu, adjacent to ?????Send mail as:?????? is the option to ?????Add another email address you own??????. Click this blue link. It will popup a window. Please note that some popup blockers will prevent this from opening. Make sure you allow popups from gmail or temporarily disable your popup blocker.



There will be an option for you to enter the name of the email. For this example we will call it ??????Support Mail??????. The next field is for the email address. Enter the email address of the email you wish to associate/connect with gmail. For this example it will be


Leave the box for ?????Treat as an alias?????? ticked.

Next Step


There are two options available. You can either send an email through the gmail account to the POP3 email address and have an automatic set up (recommended). Or you can send through SMTP servers.

Please Note: You will have to have completed the previous step ?????Checking mail from other accounts?????? in order to continue. ???

If you use the first option (recommended) option, you will receive an email in the POP3 email address that will quickly setup your account to send mail as the POP3 address (example:

Alternatively, follow the steps below:


We will be using the ?????outgoing server?????? information from the cpanel example above. If you do not have this information please contact your website server hosting business or your web developer.

Outgoing Mail Settings

Make sure you leave the first radio button for ?????Secured connection using SSL?????? selected.

Click ?????Add Account?????? when finished. If you have any problems please contact Radian Web.

You will then need to access your POP3 email account to verify the address. This can be done by either typing in the verification code or clicking the link in the email.

Accessing your POP3 email account

Log into cPanel.???

Access the email accounts section as you did at the start of these instructionsEmail Accounts Thumb

Go down to the email address you wish to access and select the More button.

Once in the drop down menu select ?????Access Webmail??????.

Access Email Client

This will take you to a login screen in which you will need to type in your password. Passwords from Radian Web will be generated to protect security for the user. This will be supplied to you. If the password has not been supplied to you, please call Radian Web or your web developer.


Once logged in it will show you three options to view your mail. These instructions will use ?????roundcube??????. RoundCube

Once ?????roundcube?????? is accessed, you will be able to see the email from Gmail in the Inbox folder. Please select this email and read it.
The email will contain a hyperlink to authenticate the gmail account. Select this. This will complete the process for sending mail as

Once either step has been completed, it will update the ?????Send mail as:?????? information. There will be an option regarding replying to a message. It is highly recommended that you select the option to ?????Reply from the same address the message was sent to?????? as this will avoid confusion with the potential respondent.

You will now be able to send email through your POP3 email address.


Using gmail to send as POP3 address.

You will now send and receive mail from the POP3 address (in this example


When you compose or reply to an email, it will give you an option in the ?????From field?????? to send as your gmail or your POP3 email. Select the down arrow next as highlighted in the picture below.

New Message

This will allow you to select which address you want to send from.

If the from box is not there, select the ?????To?????? field and the ?????From?????? box will re-appear.

If you are replying and wish to change the address you are replying from. Select the address you are replying to and the ?????From?????? box will appear.


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