How to identify spam, false advertising and fraudulent emails.

We recently received an email from a spam robot using our ?????quote forms'. So I thought it would be a good idea to tell you how to identify spam and/or fraudulent emails from your website?????s contact forms or general emails.

The email we had received only had a name, a link to a website and a small description written in poor English.

Our first clue was the poor English so we searched for specific terms like the name that came with the email. We found that other?????s had also received such an email and they had concluded that it was spam. If there isn?????t anything found but you have a suspicion, and there is a phone number call it or ask them to call you.
Avoid clicking on links as this can lead to potential viruses.

Wikihow gives good advice on how you should avoid spam and potential viruses.
Check out the link below:

People set up robots to send emails in order to increase their websites popularity and/ or as an advertisement.

We are a website development business but we receive stacks of emails telling us about how they can change our Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and / or offer very cheap services. These are advertisements.

We want you to know that when we create your website, we strive to establish the best keywords and backlinks to your site. It would be very difficult for the advertisers to improve upon this or the SEO for your site. SEO improves over time as people access your site.

Check out our blog about the difference between SEO and SEM for further information.


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