How To Access Your cPanel Email Port settings.

This blog will show you how access your cPanel mail port settings in order to set up domain name email addresses in other email clients such as gmail and Microsoft Outlook.

This blog assumes that you have created an email address in cPanel (or variant program) with a password. If no email address or password has been given, please contact your website developer or internet service provider.

Accessing cPanel

cPanel is the name of the software used in website hosting that controls access to email accounts, databases and a variety of other options.

Most cPanel access is through typing in your websites address into the URL bar then adding '/cpanel'. For If you are a Radian Web client this method will work. Some web hosts do not allow this and require a login through their own system.

Once you have typed in this URL address, it will require you to log in with a username and password. Please seek either your website host or web developer for this information.

Once this information is entered it will take you to your cPanel.

Below is the most commonly used cPanel layout. For this example we will be restricting the number of items shown.

cPanel can be changed by your website service provider so it may differ than the one in the following example.CPanel


How to access your Port settings:

Select the Email Accounts icon in the mail section of the cPanel menu as highlighted below:

Cpanel Email Accounts


This will bring you into the "Email Accounts" page.

On this page you can make new email accounts or edit current existing ones. (These instructions will not enter into creating new email addresses). If you wish to create a new email address, please contact Radian Web for assistance.

Go down to the email address you wish to set up with gmail and select the "more" button. This will drop down a menu. Select "Configure Email Client", as seen below:

Configure Email

Once selected, it will take you to the required information for setting up a POP3 account.



cPanel port settings:

The below is the cpanel mailbox settings for an email address. It is better to use the secure SSL/TLS settings.

Port Settings


Download the PDF


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