A Good Reason to Move Away From Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer (IE) is a nightmare for developers to design web pages for.

A classic example is our About page, the cogs will move in every other browser except when using Internet Explorer.

Here are a couple of common design problems with IE:


Square ends of buttons rather than it being curved in Firefox and Chrome

Internet Explorer BorderInternet Explorer

FireFox Curved BorderFirefox

Font changes in IE vs Firefox.

Internet Explorer FontInternet Explorer ???

Firefox FontFirefox


Kogan, an online retailer, went so far as to add a surcharge of 6.8% for users of Internet Explorer 7. (http://www.kogan.com/au/blog/new-internet-explorer-7-tax/).

In comparison, Chrome and Firefox are free and have a lot better user and developer support. The user is actually able to see exactly what the developer wants them to see rather than bugs and common design problems.
Chrome and Firefox have the following in common which IE does not:

  • Linking / Synchronisation - You can sign up your email address to the browser and it will sync your bookmarks, passwords, addons and history to their cloud which will enable you to sync it to another computer using the same web browser, easily transferring your bookmarks and other data.
  • Addon support - You can download addons to your browser such as Adblock Plus which stops most advertising on youtube and other sites (be aware people will not be paid for your views on youtube using Adblock Plus).???
  • They support HTML 5 the latest version of coding available - this gives them the latest technology available. It is important to point out that most websites do not run HTML 5 due to this trouble with IE.



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